What does it cost to join and put my cv on this web site?

This is a free service to all job seekers. Any recruitment agency charging to recruit for a vacancy should be avoided. Recruitment companies can only charge a minimal admin fee or for any other service that may be offered other than recruiting. No recruitment company can guarantee any jobseeker a position as the decision totally depends on the company requiring staff.


Why do I need to register to apply for the jobs?

You can not apply for the jobs posted on the Home Page, as you need to be registered as a job seeker and have completed your personal profile.

Why can't I log in if I have previously registered?

Make sure you have selected the correct place to log in. Jobseekers need to login where it says jobseekers, likewise for the comanies. Please be sure to enter your login details (email address and password) exactly the same as when you registered your account. An email confirming your registration together with your login details was sent to you.

Why won't the registration screen accept my contact number, email address or my first / last name?

The input fields all have a required format for the various fields ie: email addresss needs to be valid. email@companyname.co.za. Password needs to contain uppercase / lowercase and numbers to ensure good password strength against malicious attempts to hack. Password and confirm password need to be identical!

Why wont the "Register" button work on the registration screen?

The registeration button is deactivated until the terms and condition checkbox has been checked. All fields are required to be completed. Please read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand the terms of use of this web site..

I can't login and the login screen tells me "The password or username may be incorrect." But I know it is the correct details!

If you previously registered and did not complete your profile within the preset 3 days since registering, your application will be marked as Nonactive. This means you can not register again as your email address has been used. You will not be able to log in either as the web site will not accept your login details. You need to send a message to admin requesting your login to be reactivated. ( contact admin ) Ensure once this has been done to complete your profile before the 3 days have expired.

Why have I been banned from the web site?

There are a number of reasons why your account may have been banned. Your photo may be inappropriate, you may have used fowl language, posted job applications repeatedly to positions that require specific qualifications and experience and ignored previous requests to remain with in the rules of use of the web site. Should you feel you have been unfairly banned d contact the administrator.

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What can I do if I have been banned?

The only way to get your account unbanned is to ( contact admin ) and request unbanning.

Why can't I see the jobs available after I have registered?

You won't be able to see the jobs after registering until you have completed your profile. There will be a link on your profile page at the top - "View Vacancies".

Why do I need to complete the profile to apply for the jobs?

Your profile needs to be completed to view the jobs, this inturn enables companies and recruitment agencies to see your personal details, education details and work history

Why do I need to add a cv if I have completed my profile?

Your profile can only contain so much information which is a brief description about you as a prospective employee.Your detailed cv will give a more complete indication of your background skills, qualifications and experience helping any prospective employer decide whether to arrange an interview or not.

Where can I get a cv?

There are a lot of recruitment agencies that will create a cv for you for a fee. Contact our admin they will arrange for a consultant to create a cv for a nominal fee.

What is a cv?

A cv is the compilation of all your details in readable clear concise format. Includes your personal details, school qualifications, college and or university qualifications. Your work experience dates joined and left all companies, reasons for leaving etc

Why do I need to select between being a South African Citizen and not?

The website calculates your age from your id number and or date of birth. Certain fields are available for the SA citizen profile which are not availble on the non SA profile.

Do I need to add a photo to my profile?

Absolutely not. This is done purely by choice, however, some recruitment agents will require a photo of you before even arranging for an interview with you.


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Some of the fields on my new profile screen will not accept my details.

Be sure to follow the required formats and ensure all the fields are filled in correctly.

I have applied for positions but am not getting a responce?

You need to realize that looking for employment is a process of scanning for the right availble position, ensuring your profile is upto date and complete. Ensure your cv is complete and upto date. Ensure you have contactable references. Apply for the positions where you have the required qualifications and experience. Applying for positions when you full knowing do not posess the requirements will ensure a negative responce from a prospective employer. Remember there are hundreds of people also looking to be employed in the same position your applying for so, make a good first impression! Do not annoy the recruitment agent or company agent by applying for positions when you know your experience and qualifications are not suitable.


What can I do to increase my chances of getting a job?

Apply for all the positions you can find where your qualifications and experience match their requirements! Scan the newspapers. Read our Facebook page for tips and find leads from others on our facebook pages.


Can I send my cv through directly to the web site?

No! We do not under any circumstances accept cv's. We are not a recruitment agency, we are a job portal that facilitates the collection of prospective clients and their jobs and job seekers looking for employmnent. Any cv sent directly to this portal gets deleted by the web site automatically unless you have been requested to do so.




Can I advertise my web site without registering?

Absolutely. If you do not wish to make use of this website, you can simply advertise your recruitment agency thus attracting job seekers to your agency for job vacancies.

What will it cost to advertise my web site?

This is a free service and doesn't cost a cent. Your company will recieve the exposure.


How long will my jobs run?

Once you have registered and subscribed you can select the duration period your job's run from 2 weeks to 4 weeks maximum. After the selected period your adverts that expire will be automatically deleted.


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How many jobs can I advertise

You can advertise as many jobs as you desire. We do not have any maximum or set limit.


What is the maximum length my job advert can be?

Your job adverts do not have a maximum number of characters. You can use as many characters as you like.


How many cv's can I download?

There is no limit on the quantity of cv's you can download once you have subscribed and been activated. Similarly for viewing the job seekers profiles.

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How many job seekers profiles can I view?

There is no limit to the quantity of job seekers profiles you can view once your subscription has been activated.


When I delete an application for one of my job's, does the candidate get regretted?

All applicants that have their application rejected will recieve your personalized regret message. Each client sets up their own regret message which is available only once you select an application to view.


Can I change the regret message?

Rejection messages do not exist by default, each client needs to create their own, which then can be changed at will.


Will my logo be displayed with my job adverts

Yes, all jobs are advertised with the relevant owners logo being displayed.


I can't leave any messages for job seekers, why not?

The message system on the free trial promo is not made availble until subscription has been activated.


I have subscribed, when will my profile be activated?

Once you have registered, subscribed. Work4africa will activate your subscription only once administration department have verified your details. This process can take upto maximum 24 hours.

What happens to my adverts once my subscription expires?

All your advertised jobs get deleted automatically once your subscription expires.

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I have lost my password, what can I do?

If you have lost your password, go to the login screen and select the forgot password link.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password on the profile page.

What should the password format look like?

The password format needs to contain an uppercase letter, lower case letters and numbers. Passwords need to be a minimum of 6 characters ie: Password1 or Password_?5.

How can I reach the web site administrator?

You can contact the administrator by sending us a message on the contact screen.

If I am battling to enter my details in my profile, can I get help?

Help is always available if you can not find a soultion in the FAQ section. simply send us a message with a clear description of the problem and if possible the error message if available.

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